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About Us

What We Do

Wake9.com is about a couple of families and their love for the sport of wakesurfing, and a couple of dads that love to experiment, and test products. Our primary goal is promote the sport of wakesurfing, and to specifically promote wakesurfing as the incredible family sport that it is. Our secondary goal is to support the site and our love for wakesurfing through the promotion and sale of products that we love and use. We will never promote a product on this site that we haven't tested, and love to use.

How We Got Here

Robert spent his childhood in Reseda, CA and then he and his family moved to Simi Valley, CA when he was 12. At about the same time as his move, his dad bought their first family boat, a 17ft Sea Ray. Robert was hooked on boating and all the water sports. He and his family loved to waterski and would drive hours from Southern California to get to a decent lake. His family would come to Northern California every other year to go to Lake Shasta and Robert from a young kid, knew he wanted to move to Nor Cal someday.

Robert and Amy bought their first boat (190 Horizon Four Winns) in February 1995. Ashley was 3, Whitney was 2 at the time and Amy was pregnant with RJ. In 1997, they upgraded to a 22 ft Horizon. The family would drive every third weekend from April to July to Lake Mead, NV to get to the water.

In 2003, the opportunity arose for the Garcia's to move. Robert and Amy literally took out their map, looked at the Northern California section and picked a place next to a lake and said, "lets move there". They moved to Magalia, CA in October 2003. They are now about 10 minutes from Lake Oroville.

In April 2004, Maddie and Thomas were placed with the Garcias for adoption. Maddie was 6 1/2 and Thomas just turned 3 at the time. The whole process took just over a year. On July 12, 2005 Maddie and Thomas became official Garcias. It was perfect timing because later on that day, they welcomed a special, little, 7 week old girl into their home and hearts - Jessica. Jessica was officially adopted October 16, 2006 and that is when we knew we had our complete family.

In 2006 the Garcia's had a tower put on their Four Winns. It was then they bought wake boards for the kids. Because their children were growing like weeds and they enjoyed wakeboarding so much that they decided they were going to get a bigger boat and get one that was designed to waterski and wake board on. They sold their faithful Four Winns in 2007 with 250 hours on it and purchased a brand new 2007 Tige 24ve. Robert had a picture of the 24Ve on his office wall and a brochure on his desk for months before buying. It was the best purchase the family ever made. By the end of the first season they had put over 175 hours on the Tige. That first year with the Tige, the kids started competing in the INT league. During some of those stops, the kids had won a few wakesurf boards. They obviously tried the wakesurf boards and they were hooked on wakesurfing. The following year (2008) they didn't even break out the wakeboards but spent the whole time wakesurfing.

During the summer of 2008 we went to a couple of wakesurfing events here in California and just really liked all the people involved. One thing they realized is that the WHOLE family can wakesurf and it is very low impact. Their eyes were opened even further when during the competion at Lake Tulock, Robert and Amy spoke to many parents (35+) who loved wakeboarding but could no longer participate because of past injuries and were so excited about trying wake surfing but hadn't even heard of the sport. It was after that trip that Robert and Amy decided they wanted to do something to help support the wakesurf community and get out the message of how great the sport is for families.