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Meet the Chiefs

  • Technology Chief: Robert Garcia aka ragboy
    As the Padre de Familia, he is the most fun to be around, opposite of his wife, Amy (the funsucker). Robert is a big, bad a$$ Mexican and instills fear in those around him - just kidding. Robert did spend his early childhood...
  • Surf Mama: Amy Garcia
    Amy spent her childhood as "a local" growing up on Upper Suncook Lake in Center Barnstead NH. She moved from rural NH to the San Fernando Valley when she was 14 and has yet to recover. Robert and Amy met, got engaged, ...
  • Engineering Chief: Larry Muniz
    My name is Larry Muniz and I was born in NM and raised in Orange County, Ca. My beautiful wife and I were married in 1989 and we relocated to Paradise, Ca in 1990 to start our family. I have been blessed with a large family ...
  • Customer Service Chief: Debbie Muniz
    My name is Debbie Muniz and I was born and raised in LaMirada, Ca. My husband and I met when I was the tender age of 13! We started dating when I was 16 and married 9 months later! ...