Destiny is 5 years old and is the baby of the Muniz family. She is so excited about starting kindergarten! She thinks she's the princess because her four older brothers are constanty trying to bribe her for kisses and she somehow believes that all boys have gross germs. For some reason, Daddy is the exception to the rule! She loves her daddy dearly and it shows the moment he walks in the door! She loves to help mommy around the house and can probably fold clothes better then her 18 yr old brother! She loves her big sissy, Allie, and they share such a special bond. Destiny loves being outside, whether it's riding her bike, swimming, swinging, or just catching bugs and lizards with a couple of her brothers; she is in her glory when she is under the sun!

She is having a great time watching everyone wakesurf. She is not ready to try it out yet, but we know it won't be long before she is doing her thing! She is just having fun with all the time she gets to spend watching everyone practice and especially hangin out with the Garcia's and her little friend Jessie.