Brad is the third son in the Muniz family, and besides his dad, he is the only one with blue eyes! He is almost 12 yrs old and going into the 7th grade. He is a fun-loving kid with a very big heart and is sensitive to the needs of others. His witty sense of humor sometimes gets the best of us! He loves to help his dad with projects, help mom in the kitchen, enjoys hangin out with his friends, and of course, talking to girls!

Brad loves playing sports and always gives his all. His baseball team, The Red Sox, just won the championship! GO RED SOX!!! He also plays football and basketball, and enjoys swimming, bowling, drawing, and fixing things that aren't broken!

Although Brad is a beginner at wakesurfing, he is doing pretty good. He loves the sport and cannot wait to be able to compete at the next wakesurfing competition. He is very excited about Wake 9 and talks to everyone he knows about how awesome it is!